Josh Pack


About Josh Pack

Here at Hager Rental, we are very serious about finding good neighbors for our current tenants.  So we carefully vet potential tenants to make sure they are determined about being good neighbors, so we require application procedures to be fully processed before anyone can be considered.  Hager Rental is pleased to be a Fair Housing rental company. We welcome all races, national origins, religious preferences, handicaps, and familial configurations. Please feel free to speak with us about any reasonable accommodation you might need.

Owner:  Josh manages the Hager Rental team and oversees the process, functionality and financials of the office. He works closely with the team to ensure smooth and effective handling of our renters and new clients, analyzes data to ensure cohesive operation of the office, updates the website with new listings, new vacancies, new homes for sale and recently occupied and oversees content to ensure clear and accurate communication to our customers.

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