Maintenance Team Contact Information


Maintenance Contact Numbers:

Maintenance Emergencies: (859)972-3817
General Electric Repair: 1-800-432-2737

How to Submit a Maintenance Request

If you are having a maintenance emergency outside of business hours, please call our maintenance team at one of the numbers above OR submit a maintenance request any time through the resident center/tenant portal.

*We do not schedule appointments for maintenance requests.  Our maintenance men come when they are available.


How to Submit a Maintenance Request Online

For non-emergencies, you can submit a work order through the tenant portal.

  1. You can log into the tenant portal here: or here:
  2. Once logged in, then click on “Requests,” then click on “Create New Request.”
  3. If you have trouble accessing your tenant portal or you haven’t set your tenant portal up yet, please call our office during business hours for assistance.”

What Counts As A Maintenance Emergency?

Maintenance emergencies include:

  • Getting locked out of your home.  Please note a $20 fee will be charged to your account if we have to unlock the door for you.
  • Water leaking.  (Dripping faucets and running toilets do NOT count as emergencies.)
  • A busted/leaking water heater.  (If you have no hot water, we probably won’t be able to come out until the next business day.)
  • Toilet clogged if there is only one toilet.
  • No AC.
  • No Heat.
  • Frozen pipes.

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