Frequently Asked Questions about our Rentals

Thank you for considering Hager Rental. We are very serious about finding good neighbors for our current tenants.  If you are serious abut becoming one of those good neighbors, we request that you follow each procedure below in completing our application process.

If you fail to complete each and every step of our application process, your application will be considered incomplete and it will be returned to you. Or you will simply be denied.

Hager Rental is pleased to be a Fair Housing rental company. We welcome all races, national origins, religious preferences, handicaps, and familial configurations. Please feel free to speak with us about any reasonable accommodation you might need.

Want to look inside an apartment?

Make an appointment with our office at:

  • 468 Eastern By-Pass
    Richmond, KY 40475
  • Or call us at (859) 623-8482
  • Or fill our Schedule a Tour form

Want to hold an apartment while we review your application?

Make a partial deposit of $100.00 on the unit you want. We won’t show it to anyone else.

What are the requirements to rent an apartment?

  1. Complete an application. Application fee is $20.00 per application.
  2. Deposit is $400.00 for one bedroom unfurnished apartments, $450 for two bedroom unfurnished apartments.  Same amount as the rent for three bedroom apartments, furnished apartments, and houses.

Is my deposit due before I move in?

Yes! Your deposit and pro-rated rent must be paid up front before we can give you the keys to your apartment. We DO NOT split up deposits or allow tenants to pay in installments.

Is there an application fee?

Yes. There is a $20.00 application fee per adult household member . Co-signers will also be charged an application fee. This is the amount Trak-1 charges us for a credit check, tenant history and background check. We make no profit from application fees. Application fees are non-refundable.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. We do accept credit cards, checks, and money orders. We no longer accept cash.  We do not accept American Express.  We can not accept credit card payments after 2 pm on the last business day of the month. There is a $4 convenience fee for paying with a credit card over the phone.

Do you accept HUD/Section 8?

Unfortunately, we no longer accept HUD/Section 8.  If you have applied for supplements from Section 8, do not apply to rent from Hager.

When is my rent due?

Rent is due the first of the month. We do allow our tenants a grace period of five days. On the sixth of each month, late charges start. Late charges are $5 a day until the rent is paid in full. If the fifth falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday, it is the tenant’s responsibility to have rent in before the fifth. If rent is placed in the drop-box after 5pm on the fifth (or at any time on the fifth if it is a day we are closed), we will receive it on the sixth and a $5 late charge will apply.

What if I am unable to come pay my rent during your office hours?

We have a drop-box to the left of our door where you can put your rent. Be sure to place it in an envelope with your name and address on it. You can also send your rent to us through the mail, provided you send it to us early enough that it will get here by the fifth.  We can also accept credit card payments over the phone during business hours.  (Unfortunately, we are not able to process checks over the phone.)

*You can also pay online.

What is the term of my lease agreement?

All leases with Hager Rental are for the term of one year. The only
exceptions are our efficiency and VIP apartments which are on a month-to-month lease with a minimum stay of one month. If you move out before the term of your lease is up, you forfeit your deposit and will be charged an extra month’s rent.

Six month leases are available for an additional $50.00 a month rent. After the lease term is up, the tenant signs a new month-to-month lease. This lease just requires the tenant to give us at least 30 days notice before moving out to receive their deposit back.

Where do I go to put the utilities in my name?

In Richmond


Kentucky Utilities Company
200 East Water Street
(859) 623-1588
$160 Deposit Required


Richmond Utilities
300 Hale Irvine
(859) 623-2323
$60 Deposit Required
Must pay in office with Photo ID

Battlefield Electric/Water Sewer:

Madison County Utilities
(859) 624-1735
297 Michelle Drive
Richmond KY 40475
$102.00 Deposit Required




Time Warner
1615 Foxhaven Drive
Richmond, KY 40475
(859) 625-6600

(888) 866-3008

Dish Network
(800) 823-4929

In Berea


Berea Municipal Utilities
200 Harrison Road
(859) 986-4391
$240.00 Deposit required for all utilities.
Must pay in office / Photo ID Required

In Stoney Creek


Bluegrass Energy
2099 Berea Road
Richmond KY 40475
(859) 623-1582
$250 Deposit Required


Southern Madison Water
207 N. Dogwood
Berea, KY 40403
(859) 986-0942
$80 Deposit Required


Berea Municipal Utilities
200 Harrison Road
(859) 986-4391
$240.00 Deposit required for all utilities.
Must pay in office / Photo ID Required




1615 Foxhaven Drive
Richmond, KY 40475

(888) 866-3008

Dish Network
(800) 823-4929

Am I allowed to have a pet?

Pets are welcomed at Hager Rental so long as :

  1. the owner has completed a pet application
  2. the pet is a cat or a dog and weighs no more than twenty pounds fully grown
  3. the owner has paid a $500 pet deposit (this is in addition to the deposit on the apartment)
  4. the owner pays an additional $15.00 a month pet rent
  5.  the owner keeps the pet on a leash when outside and cleans up after the pet
  6. the owner and pet are courteous to neighbors.
  7. We do not allow outside pets. Pets must be kept inside.

For more information, see our page about our Pet Policy and Support Animal policy.

If my pet no longer resides in my apartment, what happens to the pet deposit?

The pet deposit will be refunded after you move out. Before then, it is not possible to do a full inspection for pet damages.

What is your trash policy?

1) Hager pays for all trash pick-up (except for houses).

2) Trash is to be kept in a can with a lid.

3) Tenant is asked to label his/her can with his/her address.

4) Hager charges $20 an hour per apartment to pick up trash from a building.

5) Tenants whose trash is kept in a can will not be charged clean up fees. (It is normally trash from bags that gets strewn all over the neighborhood.)

6) Tenant is asked to set trash out the night before trash day and return it to the back of the apartment that evening. Don’t leave the can on the curb.

When is trash day?

(Schedule may not be up to date.  Call office to confirm.)

Different streets have different trash days. Here is the schedule.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday
Calumet Edwards Argyle subdivision Bonanza
Churchill Irvine Killarney Cimarron
Claiborne Madison Ave. Martin Douglas
Fayette Madison Hills Millstone Fairview
Garden City Maplehill Hager Irvine View
N. Keeneland Raintree Bolton Marcellus
S. Keeneland Powderhorn

Can I schedule a specific time for the maintenance team to come to my home?

No.  We do not schedule appointments for maintenance work.  Our maintenance men come when they are available.

What should I do if I have a maintenance emergency at night or on the weekend when your office isn’t open?

You can call one of our maintenance staff at the following numbers.

  • Supervisor 859-661-5396
  • Maintenance 859-661-5654
  • Maintenance 859-661-5659
  • Supervisor 859-661-5649

Evenings & Weekends:

  • Plumbing: (859) 661-5653
  • Plumbing:  (859) 661-5654
  • Supervisor:  (859) 661-5396
  • Supervisor: (859) 661-5649

When I move out, how do I get my deposit refunded?

A deposit will be refunded if:

1) the tenant has fulfilled the one-year lease

2) the rent is current and all late and legal fees have been paid

3) the tenant gives at least a 30-day notice prior to vacating his apartment

(You  must do this by filling out a 30 day  notice form in our office.  We do not accept thirty day notices by phone or email.)

4) the apartment is left in the same good condition it was in when the tenant moved in.

If the deposit is to be divided between one or more people, please indicate this at the bottom of the thirty day notice form.

My roommate is moving out, but I’m staying. What happens to the deposit?

The deposit stays with the apartment and cannot be refunded until everyone has moved out. Most people opt to have their new roommate reimburse the old one for their half of the deposit. To insure that the roommate who is moving out has not left damages that will count against the new roommate, we can schedule our maintenance supervisor to do a damage inspection.

How do I go about adding my new roommate onto the lease?

1) Your old roommate needs to fill out a “remove name from lease” form.  You will sign it, releasing them from the lease and all obligations.

2) The new roommate will have to fill out an application and pay a $20 processing fee.

3) Upon being approved, your new roommate will sign the lease.

*Deposits:  The deposit stays with the apartment.  What most tenants choose to do is to have the new roommate refund the old roommate their portion of the deposit.  Inspection for damages is available upon request.

Can I transfer to another one of your properties?

Yes.  You can only transfer once you have been at your current residence for at least six months.  To transfer, please come to our office to pick up a transfer application and put down $100 towards the deposit on the new apartment to place a hold on it.  Our maintenance supervisor will have to inspect your apartment for damages in order to approve you for transfer. You will have to pay a new deposit for the apartment you want to transfer to.  Your deposit for the old apartment will be refunded after you have moved out and we have inspected for damages.  Please try to be quick in moving your belongings from one apartment to another, for you will be charged rent for both apartments until you turn the keys in for the old apartment.

Please note that you can only transfer to an apartment with fewer or more bedrooms than your current apartment.  You can’t transfer from a two-bedroom to another two-bedroom.  You would have to transfer to a one-bedroom or a three-bedroom.

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